Backup Solutions


Backup Solutions For Your Business and Home

Data disasters are real! Protect yourself before it happens to you or your business!

Automated Off-Site Onsite Backup Service

Every day companies are being devastated by the time, expense, and frustration of recreating client, marketing and accounting files after a data disaster. Families are losing irreplaceable pictures and memories. From as little as $10 a month you can be protected with daily backups. Onsite Data Backup Service offers plans ranging from under 1GB to 200GB of storage depending on your needs.

All of your data is encrypted using your private password before it is sent to Onsite. Restoration of your data using the instructions provided is free and "hard copies" of your data are readily available anytime.

We will email you:
  • if you're inactive for more than two business days
  • if we detect email problems in your backup

  • Automated On-Premise Onsite Backup

  • Do you require storage over 200GB?
  • Are limited by your internet speed ?
  • Do you want your data backup storage to be on your own premises instead of ours?

  • Then our On-Premise Backup is the solution.

    Our On-Premise system will backup EVERYTHING!!! All Documents, Programs and Desktop Items from all the PCs in your computer network creating a Full System Image, so in the event of failure, your PC will be recovered to EXACTLY as it was at backup.

    For as little as $289* completely setup!

      *(500GB, Raid0, 2 PC, Common Drive)

    Benefits and Additional options

    (please call for a firm quote)

  • If one of your backed up PCs fail, the System Image will completely recover EVERYTHING...EVERYTHING
  • Your NEW BACKUP drive (Called a NAS drive) can be internally backed up with an additional drive (called Mirroring (RAID1))!
  • Your NEW BACKUP drive can be backed up to EXTERNAL portable hard drives you can take off site and swap out regularly. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  • AT NO EXTRA CHARGE we create a COMMON drive on your NEW BACKUP NAS DRIVE that all PCs can access